About Me

Hi, I’m Helen James and I started HJ Nutrition in 2017 to help and educate women about the relationship with food, health and hormones.

I have a Post-Graduate Diploma from Middlesex University in Personalised Nutrition and studied Nutritional Therapy at CNELM in Wokingham.

I have always been passionate about food –  both sweet and spicy! As a keen cook, I loved experimenting with flavours and world cuisine and I was also known for my baking skills and even worked in a cafe baking cakes for a while.

It was after a stay in hospital in 2013 when I realised that my high sugar diet had ‘messed up’ my hormonal balance. I needed to look after myself and make changes to feel healthier, fitter and balance my hormones as I approached the dreaded menopause. This led me to study nutrition science and find the facts rather than trying to make sense of the conflicting media headlines we are bombarded with.

I now have the professional knowledge, tools and experience to help you on your journey to good health and living life to the full.


Helen James is insured as a Registered Nutritional Therapist with BANT and is under voluntary regulation via the CNHC register.  

  Contact Me


Address: The Remedy Centre for Health
166 Tulketh Road




Phone: 01772 761166

NB. I do not have set hours at the clinic.  Please email me for details or queries

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