What I Do

Nutritional Therapy & NLP

I help women who struggle with their health and energy to achieve vitality and wellbeing with personalised optimum nutrition and lifestyle change.  No fad dieting, no calorie counting, or expensive shakes.

My Philosophy

I want to share my knowledge of nutrition science to educate women on what foods provide the best health benefits for them, to listen to their bodies and become more self-aware and connected to their physical, mental and emotional energy.

Diet and lifestyle are major factors in chronic disease prevention and progression, but they are in our control.


My Methods

I work one to one and with groups of women teaching nutrition and suggesting healthier meals and snacks. My programmes work holistically with FOOD, portion sizes, boosting nutrients and balanced meals. I help you with your MINDSET- encouraging positive behaviours and new healthy habits.

I want you to be the HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST version of yourself.

Functional Medicine

I use my training in functional medicine to help me design effective nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Finding the root causes of symptoms and imbalances in the body’s systems.  I will look at alleviating triggers and take your medical and case history plus any genetic dispositions into account before coming up with a personalised plan for your journey back to health.  I may suggest using supplements, functional health and nutrio-genomic testing if appropriate.

30 Day Programme

Kickstart your way to health

Are you eating right for your health goals? Personalised diet recommendations with meal plans, pinpointing areas that need support. Start using foods to optimise rather than impair your health.          nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

90 Day Programme

Dive Deeper

For those who know they need more support and their health is a long term project. For anyone who has any chronic conditions or wants to find root causes of why they do not feel well. This is also ideal for anyone who wants to focus on prevention of any chronic illness that they may have a disposition for.

Mind your Health

Transformational 12 week programme

Working on the body and mind at the same time. Nutrition and mindset. This programme focuses on forming good habits and thoughts to make eating well and looking after yourself a lifestyle change that lasts. Resulting in a healthier and happier version of you.