30 Day 1:1 Programme  (£279)

Kickstart your health

Are you eating right for your health goals? Personalised diet recommendations with meal plans, pinpointing areas that need support. Start using foods to optimise rather than impair your health.

Regain control of your health

Spend a month eating foods that are right for you and your health goals. Learn how to make healthy swaps and reduce foods that maybe zapping your energy or causing you symptoms of general malaise. Adopt new lifestyle habits that fit in with the demands of your life for a good balance.


What people are saying about the programme

Helen was easy to talk to. I found her extremely knowledgeable and professional. She gave me personal advice and signposting on food, supplements, exercise and a blood test after listening carefully to my concerns and needs.

The meal plans she put together for me are great. The food is delicious and I feel inspired to cook again! It tastes so good, I wonder why I haven’t been eating like this all my life?! After only a short time I already feel some improvement in my energy levels and am feeling more positive that it’s possible to really make a difference to how I feel by eating well, exercising, getting the right nutrients and sleep. I know it seems obvious and it’s what we are told all the time, but having this thorough personal and specific assessment, information and encouragement, I feel will really make a difference, long term, to the choices I make.

Mrs S. Smith

I’m feeling fantastic! Having felt like something wasn’t quite right for some time I wanted to do something but wasn’t sure exactly what and I was a little apprehensive initially as I didn’t appreciate how much what we put into our bodies can have such a big effect on the way we feel and can cause unwanted symptoms.

Helen explained everything to me, at each step, in a way in which was easy for me to understand and she is obviously extremely knowledgeable.

The recipes she gave to me were tailored to my needs and around what I did/didn’t like to eat and she also took into account the fact that I often cook for my children and partner.

I now feel like I have a much better understanding as to what are the right and wrong foods for me.

She’s very approachable and friendly and I enjoyed the weekly check-in sessions to make sure I was on the right track but I could also contact her at any other time for help. Thank you so much!!

Sonya Jolly

Before starting the programme, I was concerned that I would be asked to change to an eating regime that was totally alien to me and that it would use a lot of supplements, which was not true.

I liked the weekly check in. It kept me focused and a telephone call is fine for that. You responded with positive solutions when I was having difficulties and praised my achievements rather than dwelling on the failures but I would also say that you were firm. You didn’t let me lose sight of the goals I agreed with you and you rightly reminded me that they are MY goals not yours. I also really appreciated your punctuality

I would definitely recommend you to a friend.


Programme Features

Nutritional Therapy Session

This is normally our 1st consultation and this is when I spend time listening to your history; any factors that have got you to where you are now, any health conditions past, present and any you may be predisposed to. We devise an eating plan together for the next few weeks to help you with your health goals.

This session can be online via Zoom or in person at the clinic


Menu Plan



A menu plan with recipes and a shopping list is sent to you following the consultation.  These are personalised recipes that support your health goals, but they can be easily adapted for the rest of the household. 





You will receive a report detailing the background to the evidence based interventions chosen for you. You will be able to see the recommendations at a glance of diet and lifestyle changes plus any supplements to use if appropriate. 

Weekly Check-ins


We schedule in weekly calls or emails for accountability and motivation. This is a chance for us to assess how the diet and lifestyle interventions are progressing and we can discuss what’s working and what you may be struggling with. We then adapt the menu plans and lifestyle suggestions to keep you on track. 

Option to upgrade to the 90 day programme

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