90 Day 1:1 Programme

Dive Deep

This is similar to the 30 day programme but in 90 days we can make lasting habit changes and find root causes of symptoms. 

Here we can really get to grips to find what is behind your struggles with sleep, anxiety, low energy, weight gain and other issues.

Build a Healthy Foundation

Are you feeling under par with no reason why? Maybe you are on medications but you are not feeling the benefits.  Here we can target nutrition and lifestyle changes to support you you back to wellness and help alleviate any side-effects of medications.

This programme is also ideal for anyone who is struggling with their hormones whether that’s PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Fertility issues, or Menopausal Mayhem. 

Payment plans available for this programme


Programme Features

3 x Nutritional Therapy Sessions

As with the 30 day programme, we begin with a detailed Nutritional Therapy  consultation when I spend time listening to your history; any factors that have got you to where you are now, any health conditions past, present and any you may be predisposed to. We devise an eating plan together for the next few weeks to help you with your health goals. We have further 45minute nutritional therapy follow up sessions after 30days and 60days.

These sessions can be online via Zoom or in person at the clinic

Menu plan and report


 A menu plan with recipes and a shopping list is sent to you following the consultation.  These are personalised recipes that support your health goals, but they can be easily adapted for the rest of the household. 

An accompanying report details the background to the evidence based interventions chosen for you. 




Tests and Supplements

If appropriate, I may recommend in-depth testing to investigate your symptoms further. The results can help target and support specific pathways in the body, which may lead to quicker progress.

Supplements may also be recommended along with a balanced diet.  I will detail the importance of specific food groups to your needs depending on the findings.

Fortnightly Check-ins

We schedule in fortnightly calls or emails for accountability and motivation. This is a chance for us to assess how the diet and lifestyle interventions are progressing and we can discuss what’s working and what you may be struggling with. We then adapt the menu plans and lifestyle suggestions to keep you on track.

Option for VIP status: Weekly check-ins and daily support/contact for £647. Payment plans available

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