Mind Your Health 

Transformational 12 week 1:1 Programme

Changing your diet and lifestyle requires a change in behaviour.  Our behaviour is a result of our thoughts and emotions.  The way we react to information is all down to our beliefs and values.  These are often formed in childhood and grow up with us.

Mindset Matters

Why is it so hard to make healthy choices? You put in all your effort to a diet or an exercise plan and then “fall off the wagon” feeling absolutely lousy for failing, and beat yourself up for not being able to stick to it.

Do you eat when you are bored, stressed,  upset or tired? We have confused our brains that we can ‘eat our emotions’ to make us feel better, but eating doesn’t resolve the reasons above and make us feel worse in the long term. A vicious cycle is created.

I help you start to break these habits and transform your thinking to be healthier, happier, leaner and fitter for the long term. Plus you still get to enjoy treats!

Payment plans available for this programme.


Programme Features


We start with a nutritional therapy consultation to find out how the food you eat affects your health goals. I spend time listening to your history; any factors that have got you to where you are now, any health conditions past, present and any you may be predisposed to. We devise an eating plan together for the next few weeks to help you with your health goals. 

We regularly check in with progress and results and can adapt the recommendations as we go.

Menu Plan

A menu plan with recipes and a shopping list is sent to you following the consultation.  These are personalised recipes that support your health goals, but they can be easily adapted for the rest of the household.  During the 12 weeks, I encourage you to come up with your own menu-plan based on the recipes and an example menu. 

Your nutritional therapy report details the reasons behind the recommendations

Weekly Mindset


We get together every week for an hour where we explore mindset changes to enable you to make habit changes a piece of cake.

I give you the tools to be ‘free’ yourself from self-sabotaging behaviour and deal with challenges in your life.

We explore your goals and link them to something that you can relate to. This makes them easier to achieve and sustainable.

Stress management is key to health so we spend time looking at your energy drains and revivers.

I help you find the time to eat better, exercise and look after yourself.

Each weekly session is tailored to your needs.



The progress you make with your health goals and mindset work spills over to other areas of your life.  The relationship you have with food is often mirrored with your relationship with yourself. This programme may also give you more confidence and raise your self-esteem so that you see and feel different about other areas of your life.  Having a more positive outlook on challenging situations at work or at home is less of a drain on your energy.  

You may want to continue and ‘stack’ another 12 weeks, or you may feel the Maintenance programme is sufficient to concrete in your new learnings. Find out more details and book in a call.

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